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The best stories aren’t created, they are UNCOVERED.


I think that advertising has realized that after thirty years, and stop treating their consumers like demographics, it must shift back to ENTERTAINMENT.


We believe that EMPATHY is the main quality the marketer of the future will need to possess. Working with data, crafting narratives and employing the latest technologies are essential skills for any marketer, but a great campaign starts with understanding your audience and being sensitive to their frames of reference. It’s much easier to tell a story if you know why they’ll listen in the first place.


Marketing today is all about creating PERSONAL EXPERIENCES that connects with the hearts, minds and desires of consumers.


Don’t just keep the camera rolling, you never catch anything special. You only catch the mediocre. You have to take DECISIONS while you are shooting. You cannot fix things in post - it’s an illusion.

Werner Herzog


Film and storytelling is one medium where PERSPECTIVE matters.


The right QUESTION is usually more important than the right answer to the wrong question.

Alvin Toffler


Success and profitability are the outcome of focusing on CUSTOMERS and EMPLOYEES not objectives.

Jack Ma